you should know this great man.

Gunpei Yokoi (横井 軍平 Yokoi Gunpei?, September 10, 1941 – October 4, 1997), sometimes spelled Gumpei Yokoi, was aJapanese video game designer. He was a long-time Nintendo employee, creator of the Game Boy and Game & Watch handheld systems, inventor of the modern day D-pad or 'cross' pad (a design that nearly all video game controllers use today), and producer of several long-running and critically acclaimed video game franchises.


He's no longer with us unfortunately but his thoughtful creations and ingenuity have left a great mark on this world.  I only recently learned about him and his achievements.  Very interesting man that I'm grateful to know more about now :)

Now for a tiny update:  I am still at work on a big budget production (August: Osage County) in Bartlesville, OK awhile longer but I'm always thinking and working towards bringing more creations from Sebastian's world to life... another short film is in the works so stay tuned and Reach for the Stars!!


Waiting For Player private screening and SPtC updates

Hi all!!  Been a bit... just a quick update:

"Waiting For Player" has gone through a few more polishing tweaks to get the Blu-Ray achievement for an upcoming private screening in Tulsa.  It is with two other locally made films including, "Unknown State" by our strong collaborator and great friend, Chris Long who has made the whole screening possible.  We are really looking forward to sharing it with so many people we love!

Things have slowed due to some opportunities to work on other larger projects till December but "Sebastian Plays the Chords" is still grinding along!  I'm always thinking about it and David Burkhart (Sebastian) and I talk about it constantly.  To keep a pulse on how some things are going check out the official twitter and tumblr.  Check 'em out!!  Now that I have finally succumbed to instagram (@SebastianMovie) I've been enabled to "share" a bit more too...  ;-]

Lastly, look out for "Waiting For Player" to be online in full sooner than later...  Reach for the Stars friends, sean

we're short on free time lately but Ted and I did enjoy sharing a few indie games with friends last night :)



for everyone asking… heres one side of the Gen Con chip-tape playlist:
1) an0va “There Was a Planet Here”
2) Trash80 “Missing You”
3) Brother Android “It Rains”
4) Cheap Dinosaurs “Stroll”
5) Animal Style “DMG Guitar”
6) Chipocrite “Bizarre Love Triangle”
7) Cheap Dinosaurs “Hot Plate”
8) Mr. Spastic “Sloppy”
9) Chipocrite “Love Department”
10) J. Arthur Keenes Band “Water (Wetter2)”

All of this fantastic music is available either for free download at 8bitpeoples.com or for purchase ‘round bandcamp… just follow the song links B-]


GenCon 2012 Premiere Success!!

We had a totally RAD time at the Gen Con Indy Film Festival this year!!  We met so many super cool people and made some great new friends ;-]

Stay tuned for some awesome pics from our adventure...

Next up is the playlist from the one and only "Waiting For Player" chip-tape we were rockin' nonstop!!


Waiting for Player saturday 6:30pm

Gen Con screening 6:30PM at the Weston Hotel.  Video Game Comedy short film block in Grand Ballroom IV upstairs - bring a friend and ask us for stickers!  Free shirt giveaways too...

Gen Con approaches!!

One week from today we will be at Gen Con in Indianapolis!!  We has excite!  Here is a related little post thingy:  http://www.918media.com/waiting-for-player-at-gen-con-indy/

Ninja Senki tileset

We may have another screening coming up soon so stay tuned...  also shirts are complete and ready to be adhered to bodies (a few) very soon too!  Let us know if you want one too in the meantime ;-]


Early July Update - SPtC and WFP

Tshirts designs are in the works... not-so-secret "secret stickers" too!  Got some fun meetings of all kinds in Oklahoma coming up.  There's a lot to take care of for so few people.  It's indie insanity!  

Thanks everyone for the interest, should be more details soon.  Also got this in the mail, looking more official:


"Waiting For Player" Official Selection: Gen Con Indy Film Festival

We are proud to announce the long awaited premiere of our little gem "Waiting For Player" at The Gen Con Indy Film Festival happening in Indianapolis, Indiana August 16th-19th!
 From their site: http://www.gencon.com
Gen Con is a consumer and trade experience dedicated to gaming culture and community.
Celebrating its 45th year in 2012, Gen Con "The Best Four Days in Gaming!" has become the largest annual consumer fantasy, electronic, sci-fi and adventure game convention in North America. Each year gaming enthusiasts converge to share their enthusiasm for all things gaming; whether its tournaments, celebrity appearances, exhibit hall booths, electronic games, workshops, seminars, anime, art shows, auctions or countless other activities.

A few of us will be there hanging out, blasting chiptunes, and participating in some panels!   Should be pretty rad yall!  Cya there, right?  *REACH FOR THE STARS*


Waiting For Player - Official Teaser Trailer

enjoy ;-]

TooManyGames Expo 2012

I had the pleasure of attending the http://www.toomanygames.com/ convention near Philly this past weekend!  Saw and did a little video for some epic performances by @chipocrite and @autoscroll and met a lot of cool local developers and even got to try some demos.  Really neat stuff :D  It was a quick day so maybe next time I'll get to see more of it...