Sebastian Bach Wilson - a quiet and ambitious young man, albeit a highly distracted one.

Vern - close friend, a free spirit, and a part-time aspiring chiptune musician in search of a girlfriend and a carefree existence.

Nash - most esteemed ally, pontificator, instigator, and steampunk enthusiast (owns a pinball machine).

Victoria - lover of secrets; the bigger the better.  Part-time cashier for the break season and looking to leave this small town behind for way bigger things.

Ms. Wilson - Sebastian's single mother; distant and seemingly docile.  A former concert pianist.  Likes cats, crafts, and television.

Schuburt, Vivaldi, Mahler, Berlioz - 4 Cats of Ms. Wilson.


Todd - childhood best friend of Sebastian and the former town "heart-throb."  Feels like a big fish in a little pond.  Visiting home for a short time from graduate school at a fancy pants university on the coast.

Bartz - the angriest gamer you've ever seen.  part-time customer service associate, full-time a-hole.

Craig - the smarmy but goodhearted Big Boss at the Supermarket where Sebastian has been employed most of his adult (and adolescent) life.  

George - local misanthrope and organizer of "game nights."

Rod - bike enthusiast and avid participant in "game nights."

Wesley - spectator extraordinaire, just likes to watch.

Big Jim - lesser manager at the Supermarket.

Missy - a girl who likes games more than some boys (and is often better).    

Dorian - well liked a wise.  transcends all cliques.

Audrey - "it" girl of the Supermarket bakery until she finishes beauty school.

Jacque - from France.  Personable.