for everyone asking… heres one side of the Gen Con chip-tape playlist:
1) an0va “There Was a Planet Here”
2) Trash80 “Missing You”
3) Brother Android “It Rains”
4) Cheap Dinosaurs “Stroll”
5) Animal Style “DMG Guitar”
6) Chipocrite “Bizarre Love Triangle”
7) Cheap Dinosaurs “Hot Plate”
8) Mr. Spastic “Sloppy”
9) Chipocrite “Love Department”
10) J. Arthur Keenes Band “Water (Wetter2)”

All of this fantastic music is available either for free download at 8bitpeoples.com or for purchase ‘round bandcamp… just follow the song links B-]


GenCon 2012 Premiere Success!!

We had a totally RAD time at the Gen Con Indy Film Festival this year!!  We met so many super cool people and made some great new friends ;-]

Stay tuned for some awesome pics from our adventure...

Next up is the playlist from the one and only "Waiting For Player" chip-tape we were rockin' nonstop!!


Waiting for Player saturday 6:30pm

Gen Con screening 6:30PM at the Weston Hotel.  Video Game Comedy short film block in Grand Ballroom IV upstairs - bring a friend and ask us for stickers!  Free shirt giveaways too...

Gen Con approaches!!

One week from today we will be at Gen Con in Indianapolis!!  We has excite!  Here is a related little post thingy:  http://www.918media.com/waiting-for-player-at-gen-con-indy/

Ninja Senki tileset

We may have another screening coming up soon so stay tuned...  also shirts are complete and ready to be adhered to bodies (a few) very soon too!  Let us know if you want one too in the meantime ;-]