Waiting For Player private screening and SPtC updates

Hi all!!  Been a bit... just a quick update:

"Waiting For Player" has gone through a few more polishing tweaks to get the Blu-Ray achievement for an upcoming private screening in Tulsa.  It is with two other locally made films including, "Unknown State" by our strong collaborator and great friend, Chris Long who has made the whole screening possible.  We are really looking forward to sharing it with so many people we love!

Things have slowed due to some opportunities to work on other larger projects till December but "Sebastian Plays the Chords" is still grinding along!  I'm always thinking about it and David Burkhart (Sebastian) and I talk about it constantly.  To keep a pulse on how some things are going check out the official twitter and tumblr.  Check 'em out!!  Now that I have finally succumbed to instagram (@SebastianMovie) I've been enabled to "share" a bit more too...  ;-]

Lastly, look out for "Waiting For Player" to be online in full sooner than later...  Reach for the Stars friends, sean

we're short on free time lately but Ted and I did enjoy sharing a few indie games with friends last night :)

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